Kava Swap Is Defi’s New Autonomous Market Maker To Exchange And Earn On Crypto Assets

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Kava Swap

A New Way To Earn With Kava Swap

In the Kava ecosystem, Kava Swap will provide a platform where it is easier to buy, sell, and earn with the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.

Kava Swap was launched successfully on August 30th, allowing for the trading of crypto assets via liquidity pools using an AMM (Autonomous Market Maker) on the Kava Platform.

With the launch of Kava Swap, users around the world will also be able to swap assets onto the Kava Platform and earn from all of Kava’s earning opportunities.

Prior to the launch of Kava Swap, Binance was the only option for users to onboard their assets to Kava. The partnership between Kava and Binance has built a solid foundation for the Kava Ecosystem over the past year and a half and has enabled over $1.5B in transactions since its inception.

In order to take the next step in evolving the Kava Ecosystem, Kava needed to develop additional onboarding options that successfully address the major challenges and impediments for first-time users or users coming from different DeFi ecosystems who were accustomed to a more streamlined user experience.

Simplified Onboarding Anywhere

With the launch of Kava Swap, all users, regardless of their location, can now onboard their crypto-assets to the Kava Platform.

  1. Buy $KAVA with USD on any major exchange (including Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Kraken, Ascendex, Gate and others)
  2. Transfer $KAVA to the Kava platform using TrustWallet or ledger
  3. Swap $KAVA for $USDX on Kava Swap

Once you have $USDX, you can utilize the full functionality of the Kava Platform.

  • Swap $USDX for other crypto assets on Kava Swap
  • Add liquidity to Kava Swap Pools to earn $SWP rewards
  • Deposit assets on Kava Lend to earn $HARD and $KAVA rewards
  • Borrow assets from Kava Lend using your crypto as collateral
  • Lock assets on Kava Mint to mint additional $USDX

Unrestricted accessibility is at the core of decentralized finance, and more users can now access the earning power of the Kava Platform simply, safely and easily.

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