Kava Roadmap 2022

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Kava roadmap 2022

Below is a rundown of the Kava Network roadmap for 2022.

By combining two interoperable chains, the Kava Network will connect the most popular decentralized ecosystems and empower developers to build scalable, thriving networks of decentralized applications.

Quarter 1 2022

Kava 9 Mainnet Upgrade

January 2022

The Kava 9 mainnet has been upgraded to v44 of the Cosmos SDK, enabling the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. This will allow Kava to communicate with every blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, one of the fastest-growing and most widely used decentralized ecosystems.

Kava Pioneer Program Launch

February 2022

Prior to the launch of the Kava Network mainnet, the Kava Pioneer program launches as the first of three unique incentive programs.

As part of the Ethereum Co-Chain Alpha, 100,000 KAVA will be shared between protocols deploying to the Kava Network. Protocols that deploy first will be rewarded more.

Ethereum Co-Chain Alpha Launch

March 2022

Kava Network hosted a close Alpha event so that teams developing hybrid dApps and smart contracts on the Ethereum Co-Chain could test the stability of their project and deploy it before the public beta is released and the Kava Network mainnet launches.

Quarter 2 2022

Ethereum Co-Chain Public Beta Launch

April 2022

The goal of this event is to stress-test the Ethereum Co-Chain as fully as possible.

Users have the opportunity to try out some of the protocols and dApps that will be available on the Kava Network.

ETH Bridge Beta Launch

April 2022

Public beta release of the ETH bridge, unlocking the bridging of ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-1155 assets to the Kava Network.

Kava Network 1.0 Mainnet Launch

May 10th, 2022

The full launch of the Kava Network, featuring the co-chain architecture of the Ethereum and Cosmos Co-Chains. This unlocks the ability for developers to build in both the EVM and Cosmos SDK execution environments with seamless interoperability between the two, connecting the two largest decentralized ecosystems on the planet.

ETH Bridge Launch

May 2022

The Kava Network ETH bridge goes live, enabling the seamless bridging of thousands of ERC-20 assets and ETH onto the Kava Network, as well as the bridging of Kava’s native assets onto Ethereum and other EVM-architecture networks.

Liquid Staking Goes Live

May 2022

Liquid staking is implemented on the Kava Network, allowing KAVA stakers to access and use their funds in a tokenized form while staking to secure the network and earn rewards.

Kava Network GameFi + NFT Incentive Program

May 2022

The third of three Kava Network incentive programs launches, delivering huge KAVA incentives to Web 3 builders in the GameFi and NFT verticals. The incentives will shared among the top 100 projects based on a combination of Active Monthly Users and Transaction Volume.

Kava Network DeFi Incentive Program

May 2022

Kava’s revolutionary on-chain DeFi developer incentives go live, providing massive annual developer incentives in KAVA to promote the rapid growth of the ecosystem. Incentives are awarded openly and on-chain to the top 100 protocols based on their TVL.

Quarter 3 2022

Kava Foundation Launch

Q3 2022

The formal separation of the Kava DAO from the governance of the Kava Mint protocol and the establishment of the Kava Foundation, a non-profit advisory body of industry leaders that provide strategic input to the Kava DAO and its community.

CosmWasm Support

Q3 2022

CosmWasm support goes live, allowing for the rapid deployment of smart contract dApps to the Cosmos Co-Chain, bringing existing protocols and new smart contract developers from across the Cosmos to the Kava Network.

BSC Bridge Launch

Q3 2022

Using the EVM architecture of the Ethereum Co-Chain, the Kava Network is bridged to the Binance Smart Chain, unlocking over 300 BSC assets for potential use in the Kava ecosystem.

Quarter 4 2022

COSMOS CO-CHAINBTC Native Bridge Launch

Q4 2022

A native BTC bridge is implemented on the robust and highly secure Cosmos Co-Chain, allowing for the fast, simple bridging of the world’s largest cryptocurrency to the Kava Network.

MINT Token Launch

Q4 2022

The final piece of the puzzle in Kava’s transition to the Kava Network. The MINT token will serve as the governance token for the Kava Mint CDP protocol, separating the KAVA token from the governance of any of the Kava App protocols and establishing it as the official governance token of the Kava DAO.

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