Kava Network Joins With Play-To-Earn MMORG GameFi Project Elfin Kingdom which Rewards Crypto and NFT’s

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MMORG Elfin Kingdom Joins With The Kava Ecosystem

The Kava ecosystem is joining forces with a GameFi project to allow earned in game digital assets to be used with Kava tokens.

New GameFi project Elfin Kingdom joins the Kava Ecosystem in partnership with Kava Labs. Originally built on the Binance Smart Chain, Elfin Kingdom will integrate with the Kava Network to bring the NFT-based MMORPG to Kava’s users.

What Is Elfin Kingdom?

Elfin Kingdom is an upcoming GameFi and DeFi MMORPG featuring elements of fantasy, action, and strategy. In Elfin Kingdom, players compete with one another to catch, train, and battle Elfins to earn crypto and NFT rewards. Elfins are completely unique NFTs that can be traded and sold on an in-game marketplace.

In-game activities include farming to earn the native $ELFIN token and food for Elfins, battling other players and NPCs for rewards, creating rare Elfins at the Factory, and using a banking system that allows players to yield farm with their winnings directly in the game.


The parallel rise of NFTs and DeFi has enabled a fascinating new application of blockchain technology in the form of GameFi. GameFi projects bring together the world of gaming and blockchain to reward players for achievements and other in-game activities with cryptocurrency, unique NFTs, or both.

Elfin Kingdom takes the genre to a new level, combining classic play-to-earn elements and DeFi to offer players an immersive and rewarding MMORPG experience. With Elfin Kingdom as part of the Kava Ecosystem, Kava users will have access to a whole new way to connect with each other, have fun, and earn crypto in the process.

What To Expect

Elfin Kingdom is currently under development on the Binance Smart Chain. The partnership with Kava Labs will support the development costs to integrate the Kava Network and connect Elfin Kingdom to the Kava Ecosystem shortly after launch.

This will include providing liquidity acceleration for the launch of both of Elfin Kingdom’s native currencies — $ELFIN and $KING — on the Kava Network. In the future, users that have earned assets in Elfin Kingdom will also be able to put those assets to work in Kava Swap, Kava Lend, or other protocols launching on the Kava Ecosystem.

For Elfin Kingdom players, access to the Kava Ecosystem will mean new ways to safely earn and trade with their winnings, as well as potential in-game rewards in Kava’s native tokens. For Kava users, Elfin Kingdom will bring an exciting and rewarding GameFi experience to the Kava Ecosystem, along with two new on-chain assets.


Upcoming GameFi MMORPG Elfin Kingdom has been selected by Kava Labs to receive support from the Kava Ignition Fund. The partnership will accelerate the integration of the Kava Mainnet with Elfin Kingdom, allowing users to put their in-game rewards to work in the Kava Ecosystem.


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