Kava 10 Mainnet Network To Deploy Blue Chip DeFi Application Sushi To Provide High Yield Farming with Speed & Efficiency

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Sushi Joins Kava

After the recent release of the Kava 10 Mainnnet on the network, we get news of one of the top bluechip DeFi applications, Sushi, is to deploy on the network. Sounds fishy? Read on to find out the raw facts.

Kava Network’s incentive program is being expanded with industry-leading DeFi applications for the mainnet of Kava 10.

Bringing together a leading Blue Chip DeFi ecosystem by Total Value Locked (TVL), total users, and trading volume, Kava Network joins Sushi.

With Sushi deployed on the Kava Network, DeFi users now have access to a new suite of DeFi products that provide farming with maximum efficiency and speed.

Together, Sushi and Kava Ignition Fund will invest up to $7M over 90 days for a combined $14M. These will be in the form of daily rewards split equally between Sushi and Kava.

Sushi Brings More TVL, Users, and Innovation to the Kava Network

Sushi delivers a robust Blue Chip DeFi products menu with sustainable and lucrative rewards for DeFi users. The ecosystem currently holds over $2.1B in TVL with over 60K monthly users and 14.74K asset trading pairs.

The SushiSwap DEX has deployed on more than 13 different blockchains, bringing a wide variety of SUSHI incentives to the ecosystem. The Kava Network will be one of the first chains to provide SUSHI incentives beyond the Ethereum mainnet and into the Cosmos ecosystem.

The $750M Kava Rise incentives program is empowering developers on Sushi to build exciting new DeFi applications and opportunities for users. In turn, the Sushi community will benefit from fresh yield generating prospects, especially when The Kava Network launches its Ethereum Bridge. For the first time, Sushi users and developers will have seamless access to the entire $300B market value of Ethereum and Cosmos, all from a single network.

Sushi’s Roadmap — An Expanding Interoperable Ecosystem

Sushi has big plans for the road ahead, though it’s worthwhile to look at what’s already been accomplished by this leading DeFi Blue Chip.

Sushi has expanded its offerings with Shōyu, Trident, and various ecosystem upgrades in the past year. The ecosystem has also partnered with Ethereum Layer-2 innovators like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Recent partnerships also include Harmony, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Moonbeam, OlympusDAO, and Avalanche — And that’s only to name a few. Plans for Sushi to integrate with other chains are underway.

“Sushi is one of the top DeFi protocols in Ethereum and the entire industry. Combining Kava’s Co-Chain abilities with Sushi’s dedicated community of builders and suite of DeFi Blue Chip applications will press the entire ecosystem forward.” –Scott Stuart, CEO of Kava Labs.

“The Kava Network is the only protocol building a seamless execution environment for Cosmos and Ethereum while also rewarding builders with direct ownership of the network. We admire that dedication to builders and look forward to working together with Kava to do great things in the DeFi space.”–Sushi team.

Blue Chip DeFi Protocols #BUIDL Together.

As part of the Kava Rise program and the Kava 10 mainnet launch, the Kava Network will work closely with Sushi and other leading projects for interoperable DeFi and Web3 experiences.

The upcoming launch of the Kava Network Ethereum Bridge will help bring a diverse set of strong liquidity incentives to the program, combined with a seamless user experience for DeFi protocols to join the Kava Network.

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