Crypto Oasis Launches Groundbreaking arte Talks with TODA for Web3 Awareness

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Crypto Oasis and TODA are Paving the Wave for Web3

● The partnership between TODA and Crypto Oasis will bring together future-minded and disruptive individuals in the art and crypto community

● arte Talks will help foster creativity, community and entrepreneurship on a global scale

● The bi-monthly event aims to spread Web3 awareness and encourage mainstream adoption

● arte will highlight emerging artistic voices from the NFT and Metaverse space

September 2022 – Crypto Oasis has teamed up with the Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) to launch arte Talks, a first-of-its-kind bi-monthly initiative that will bring Web3 into the mainstream. These series of talks will be based around the innovations, developments and solutions Web3 is bringing to the digital world. There was a massive turnout at the first event, held on August 28th, attracting people who wanted to know more about developments within Web3 and blockchain.

Crypto Oasis wants arte, a Web3 Meta-Community initiative, to become a global platform that will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and collaboration across borders, by shining a spotlight on prominent voices from the art and crypto communities. The series of talks also seeks to expose some of the myths that surround Web 3 and decentralized technologies by educating a large target audience about the cultural phenomenon of NFTs, the Metaverse, and Blockchain. TODA, using its state-of-the-art technology, comes in to present a sophisticated and cutting-edge way of seeing NFTS and Blockchain art and at the same time, creates an oft-missed link between digital and traditional art forms.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with TODA,” commented Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis. “arte Talks will bring together like minded individuals and Web3 communities to create an environment that will enable individuals in the art and technology space. We expect this partnership to bring us one step closer to spreading Web3 and Blockchain adoption and awareness.”

The pilot event featured exciting speakers who explored NFTs through unique lenses. The first talk was given by award-winning artist Amrita Sethi, whose claim to fame is being UAE’s first NFT artist and visionary. Amrita turned her back on corporate life to pursue a deeper calling, leading to the creation of a new multimedia art form, called “Voice Note Art”©️, which is now called “SoundBYTE”. Her thought-provoking talk included topics like human behavior and their understanding of art and technology. She talked at length about brand adoption and how NFTs and the Metaverse can seamlessly integrate into lives, much like the Internet.

The second arte Talk was given by Patrick Mortiz, or PRM, the creator of Dubai Peeps, an avant-garde NFT project. His artistic speciality is moulding ultra-realistic sculptures out of clay. PRM shared deeper thoughts on the digital art space and how it can provide opportunities for both digital and traditional artists.

arte Talks has been launched at a crucial time as the world becomes increasingly tied to the digital asset market since the rise of NFTs in 2020. NFTs and the Metaverse are set to transform the futures and will continue to disrupt both the digital and traditional art worlds. arte offers exciting opportunities for creatives, visionaries and artists who seek to grow their brands and advance the regional digital economy. TODA is the ideal partner in arte’s journey to seamlessly connect the art community with blockchain and finance professionals.

Daria Prodaevich, Managing Director of TODA said: ”At TODA it is the companies mission to make complicated concepts easier for everyone. TODA strives to educate the community and increase awareness of the utilization of WEB3 space. arte Talks enables to bridge the gap between the art sphere and the decentralized domain of blockchain- as well as the opportunities within it.”

arte Talks will bring together the crypto community of Dubai again this month for another fascinating talk and it will spotlight some of the most exciting, emerging voices in art and blockchain. For anyone interested in taking part in arte Talks and becoming a speaker to explore and share knowledge, please apply on the following website – This initiative is supported by Gulf Business and GB Tech Talk (A Gulf Business brand)

About arte

arte is a Web 3.0 Meta Community initiative by Crypto Oasis. It is a digital pioneer that will enable collaborations and knowledge sharing among the Web3 community, which includes artists, finance professionals, investors, collectors, blockchain specialists, and Metaverse enthusiasts. It will help them stay updated with the latest news and trends and will also work on educating the wider public on blockchain technologies. arte will provide a space for the development of Metaverse, blockchain, and NFT (non-fungible token) solutions.

About TODA

The Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) is the UAE’s first digital art theatre that offers a 360° immersive experience to its visitors using state-of-the-art technology. TODA takes a visitor into an immersive way of appreciating masterpieces from the world’s most notable artists and contemporary digital creatives. It aims to make complicated new concepts simple and uses an innovative format to present the world’s art. TODA provides people with the best of what the art of the future can offer.

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