Celer Network Partnership With Kava Allows cBridge Users to Earn on Digital Assets 2022

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Celer Joins the Kava Ecosystem

Kava will be joining forces with the Celer Network in another step for making DeFi mainstream.

Celer Network is integrating Kava with their flexible cBridge cross-chain bridging protocol to facilitate quick, low-cost asset bridges between Kava and other supported chains. Users of cBridge can now earn cryptocurrency through this integration, thus becoming a major source of liquidity for the Kava ecosystem.

As the Kava ecosystem continues to prepare for massive growth in 2022, onramps for users and capital are a primary goal. Expanding Kava’s streamlined user experience beyond the Kava Platform and into a growing ecosystem will mean giving users every available option to bring assets to Kava. cBridge will play a pivotal role in that, connecting the users of multiple chains with the earning potential of Kava.

“Taking DeFi mainstream will mean making it as easy as possible for users to move their capital between chains and begin earning with it. Integrating cBridge with Kava is hugely exciting because it opens up a whole new set of ways for that to happen.”—Scott Stuart, CEO of Kava Labs

The cBridge integration is already underway and is aimed at cost-efficient bridging of assets between Kava and a variety of other high-demand chains, including Ethereum, Ethereum Layer-2, and any other EVM-compatible chains.

Using a unique combination of a Generalized State Channel and Layer-2 Rollup, Celer Network delivers highly efficient scaling and bridging between networks and layers. The partnership with Kava Labs will focus initially on integrating cBridge 2.0 with Kava. In the future, Kava and Celer will explore more opportunities for cross-chain transfers between EVM chains and Cosmos chains.

“As believers in the flourishing multi-chain world, we are excited to collaborate with Kava Labs to bring Celer cBridge onto the Kava network. We hope this initial asset bridging integration can build an onramp for both users and developers to the Kava ecosystem quickly and at low cost. We look forward to more exciting generalized bridging functionality integration in the future.”—Mo Dong, Co-Founder, Celer Network

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